Fresh Alba White Truffle, Magnatum Pico

Extra Quality Italian White Truffles, fresh from Alba, Whole Truffles from 20 g to 80g

Variety: Tuber Magnatum Pico.
Season: September – January

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Every fall chefs around the globe, go to great lengths to obtain Fresh Alba White Truffle from Asti, Alba, Barolo, La Morra & Serralunga D’Alba and diners folk over heaps of money to try them. Alba white truffles are one of the most expensive ingredients. From September to December hunters with trained animals (dogs, pigs), wander the countryside in the Piedmont region (Asti, Alba, Barolo, Barbararesco, La Morra, Neive) in search of these wild mushrooms.

Once they are unearthed, the Alba white truffles are sold to purveyors who ship theme around the World, discover where to Buy White truffles.

These precious funghi produce an aroma that some people compare to soil mold or sweat.
It’s earthy but strangely intoxicating.
You can small Alba white truffle from a few feet away and shaving theme more of this intriguing aroma.
The chemicals that make up the smell are actually similar to the pheromones mammals produce when they are mating.
Black or white Alba truffles retains its pungent scent for about five days after its plucked from the ground.
Freshness counts, although you can usually find fresh specimens in gourmet food stores, hunters and high end Italian groceries that purveyors often give the finest black or white Alba truffles to fancy restaurants.

Chefs like to shave them over lightly buttered pastas, creamy risottos and cheese pizzas as well as proteins like steaks burgers and roasted chickens.

The blander the base, the more you will be able to zone in on the unusual scent and flavor.

Alba white truffles are not to be confused with Alba black truffle, which are harvested in the late autumn and winter and Burgundy are plucked from the ground in the summer in early fall.
Both of these species are found primarily in Italy.


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