September 22, 2018
28 Types of truffles. Discover all the them. In Italy exist around two hundred thousand people, their name is Hunters, that go with dogs to find truffles. A good truffle hunter knows where all the tuber grow obviously it’s a secret. You can find all Types of truffles in Italy in only a few regions. The most...
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Truffle blog, Alba White Truffle Fair 2018
“Truffles can, on certain occasions, make women more tender and men more lovable.” Dumas The 88° International Alba White Truffle Fair is the highlight of the event dedicated to the Tuber magnatum Pico (white truffle). The Fail would be one of the main showcases of high gastronomy and Italian excellence. From 6 October to 25 November, every Saturday and...
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prize for fresh white truffle from alba
The Alba White Truffle World Market is the widest international exhibition of truffles from the Piedmont hills of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato. You can smell Alba white truffle from a few feet away and shaving theme more of this intriguing aroma. The chemicals that make up the smell are actually similar to the pheromones mammals...
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