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Truffle hunting Alba tour

About Truffle hunter Tours

Find truffles and buy them fresh

Trufflehuntingalba.com is one of the best Langhe website for Book Wine Tours, truffle hunting, cooking lesson, exclusive adventures & Activities in Piedmont Region. Discover with our small tour operator, over 95 itineraries about food and wine. Our Photos, Videos, & Maps are reale. Our Local guides and truffle hunters are 24/7 free for offer you Live Support. Check our Verified Reviews, on Google, Facebook and Tripadvisor. Skip the Line Tickets and book online cellar tousr with Low Price Guarantee. 100,000+ Things to Do.

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About Truffle hunter Tours

Truffle hunting Alba tours born in 2016,  from the product and wine passion. We are in love for the products that Piedmont land offers us. Our Local Guides and Adventure Travel & Private Langhe Tours are well organized by experts and people born and lived in Asti, Alba, Barolo, Barbaresco, Neive and Serra Lunga D’Alba. Our guides will advise you on the best truffle seasons and how to find and buy white and black truffles. They will also be able to explain to you what truffles are, how to eat them and with which wines to associate them.

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Our aim is to make the most of Italy and even more Piedmont, mother earth of the best Italian wines, home of truffles, the Palio of Asti and much more. We advise you to book our Langhe truffle tours or Langhe Wine Tours during the holidays in Piedmont Region. Don’t lose the possibility for discover heart of the Langhe region, and know where to find truffles, how much they cost and why they are so expensive.

Truffles are Tuber, mycorrhizal mushrooms that are created by binding in symbiosis with roots of certain plants and trees. In fact, the soils rich in truffles, are calcareous soils, humus-poor and with certain trees nearby such as the Quercia, the Nocciolo, the Salice or the Leccio.

During the month of September, the month of the harvest begins and a new truffle season begins, do not miss a unique experience, discover how to book a tour and how to spend your holidays in Italy.

Black truffles

Balck truffle from Alba, Italy

There are different varieties of black truffles, depending on the season you can find the precious black truffle (1 December 15 March), black summer truffle (1 June – 31 August), black truffle (October 1 – December 31) and the black truffle winter (1 January – 15 March).

White truffles

White truffle from Alba, Italy

Alba is one of the richest areas of white truffles, not to mention the hills of Asti and the Langhe. We find the white truffles, like the black ones, under the ground, up to a depth of one meter, near trees like Poplars and Lilies, from September to February.